The Whitechapel Women Tour Is Live!

Nov 28, 2022

As of Friday 25th November, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, the Whitechapel Women online tour is officially live! 

Beyond the Streets have been running a walking tour of Whitechapel in east London since 2017, with the aim to champion the lives, as opposed to deaths, of the five women murdered by the unidentified murderer commonly known as ‘Jack the Ripper.’

To increase our ability to raise awareness about topics that are covered on the tour; from victim blaming to violence against women, we have released an online version of the tour, featuring 6 engaging videos filmed in Whitechapel – and it’s completely free to access!

You can visit the tour website, and access the online tour via a simple form, from there you will be taken to an interactive map. 

We have also been informed that the Whitechapel Women tour is due to feature on BBC London on Monday 28th November at 18:30 . Click here to watch it out live!