NOvember 2023

Oct 30, 2023

The awareness day ‘International Day for Elimination of Violence against Women’ falls on the 25th of November, which is also the first day of UN Women’s 16 days activism against Violence Against Women and girls (aka VAWG).

Each year we run a NOvember campaign centered around these dates where we raise awareness of the issues surrounding violence against women during the month.

This year, our campaign theme is ‘Tacking the Foundations’, and we’ll be highlighting key social issues and support needs that play a large part in routing women into situations such as remaining in domestic violence relationships, exchanging sexual relations for accommodation, or engaging in  the sale of sex to meet basic needs. We hope our campaign will go some way in spreading the message that VAWG doesn’t occur in isolation, and so needs to be addressed in the context of wider issues in society.

We will be linking the topics covered to actions that you can take to help work towards tacking the foundations that lead to violence against women and girls.

We’re focusing on these 5 themes:

  • Housing

    Housing availability, barriers to access, quality including appropriateness.

  • Domestic Abuse

    Coercion, violence, barriers to leaving, available services.

  • Substance Misuse

    Causes, barriers to support, stigma.

  • Income and Food Poverty

    Cost of living impacts, support networks.

  • Victim Blaming

    The real-world, harmful impact of sexist stigma.

Why these 5 themes?

You might know that we run a walking tour in the East End to raise awareness about the lives of the women that were murdered by the mythologised ‘Jack the Ripper’…

Well, each of these themes we’re covering were experienced by all or some of the five women during the 1880s, and still affect women, including some of the women we support, today. It’s time this changed.

Throughout NOvember, we’re going to share humanizing facts about the women who were murdered; while drawing parallels between their lived experiences and those of women today, emphasizing the positive resilience of women, and work that is still to be done to challenge underlying issues, attitudes, and stigma which play into the continued occurrence of violence against women and girls.

Join us this NOvember, as we work towards a world where women are free from coercion, violence, and abuse.

During November, you’ll hear a humanizing introduction to the lives of the five women who were murdered by the so called 'Jack the Ripper; as we focus on their resilience and experiences during the 1880s, as opposed to focusing on their deaths for entertainment as much of the Whitechapel area tourism continues to do today.
We will explore centuries old themes that affected the women in the 1800s,
and remain to impact on the lives of women today.

  • Tuesday 31st October

    As of 31st October, we’ll be asking our supporters on social media some questions around the unidentified murderer and the Whitechapel Women.

  • Monday 6th November

    During this week, we’ll share stories of the resilient lives of the five women who lived in the East End during Victorian times.

  • Monday 13th November

    During this week, we’ll share information around the five themes that we’ve highlighted as common support needs between the women of 1880s Britain and the women we support today. Spoiler alert: while times have changed, there’s still a lot of progress to be made, but there are organisations and individuals challenging the status quo that you can join!

So, to start NOvember off, we want to say thank you for reading to the end of this blog, and we sincerely hope to empower you by offering practical ways to drive positive change with us, and raising awareness together about the issues around violence against women and girls in the  UK.