Female Fortitude

Street Art Exhibition

Celebrating Women’s Resilience Through Street Art; in aid of the charity Beyond the Streets

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  • 18+
  • Location: The Crypt, St Pauls Church The Highway Shadwell London E1W 3DH
  • Date & Time: Thu, 15 Jun 2023 17:30 – 22:30 BST

Women’s empowerment street art exhibition featuring work created by 22 established street artists.

8 of the artists will be involved in a live spray paint jam on the night, alongside sets by high-profile and emerging female DJs. Don’t forget to grab yourself a free drink from one of our brand partners Absolut Vodka, Dalstons and Crate Brewery. 🧃🍻🍹

One-off event

We want to celebrate the resilience that’s within all women and allies, and the ability to come together to create support networks where they’re needed the most.

Although we work to see a world free from sexual exploitation, from abuse and coercion, and where fortitude and resilience will not be as much of a necessity, we know that we aren’t there yet, and we want to celebrate these qualities within all women, and allies, who are facing adversity, and fighting for a more equitable world.

22 well known street artists are coming together as a community to support Beyond the Streets’ work by either donating current pieces around the theme or by producing bespoke pieces for our event.

This artwork will also be sold on the night to either attendees or those quick enough to grab one of these unique pieces remotely via a dedicated website, as the event takes place.

Join us on the 15th June for a summers evening of art, creativity, and celebration of women’s ability to overcome adversity. Book your tickets now! The event runs between 5:30pm-10:30pm and entry to the event remains open all night.

Come down, enjoy bespoke street art from 22 famous artists and soak in the positive vibes with our female DJS Sim0ne, Eleanor, and introducing Amy Willow.

  • Enjoy the exhibition as some of London’s finest female DJs fill the space with their unique sets.
  • Have a sit down in the outdoor exhibition space and grab a free drink provided by our event partners Absolut Vodka, Crate Brewery, and Dalstons Soda!
  • Watch, between 5:30pm and 7:30pm, a live spray paint collaboration by 8 of the artists on a bespoke wooden frame in the exhibition outdoor space.
  • Take the chance to introduce yourself to some of the street artists who have produced pieces for the event.
  • Pick up some unique Female Fortitude exhibition merch and why not try and get it signed on the night.
  • Learn more about the issues facing women we journey alongside who are involved in selling sex in the East End and to speak to Beyond the Streets staff and volunteers about our work.
  • Purchase your unique piece of artwork from the exhibition!



Alongside the indoor street art exhibition, there is going to be an outdoor area which will include the bar, paint jam and Beyond the Streets tent, so if the weather is poor, please bring your umbrella and some waterproof clothes! Whilst some areas will have shelter, we can’t guarantee a space under cover.

The event will run from 5:30pm – 10:30pm, doors will be open throughout this time.

Cancellation /Postponement

Beyond the Streets reserves the right to cancel / postpone an event at anytime. In the unlikely event of a cancellation / postponement, due to the organisations capacity and charitable status, we will be unable to issue refunds for this event.

For more information on our work, and to view our privacy policy, please visit beyondthestreets.org.uk

Street art is all about self-expression, creating vibrance, making a statement, and layering more vibrance on top just because you can.

We love the hope, joy and strength that can be created through street art, and want to share the resilience of women through this expressive medium.

Sophie Mess @sophiemess_

Shauna Blanchfield @shaunablanchfield

Pogo @pogo.stencils

Abraham O @abraham.o1

7th Pencil @7th_pencil

Elno @elnoart

Curiouser @curiouser.and.curiouser3

Lours @real_lours

Tizer @tizerid

MUL @mul_draws

ConsumerSmith @consumersmith

GradeOne @gradeonearts

Snub23 @snub_23

Layla @laylas.murals

Faye Rai @faye.rai

Mr Dheo @mrdheo

Nerone @nerone_lecoktail

Sprite @i.am.sprite/

Beat13 @lucymclauchlan

BeatFox + RA (duo) @beatfoxuk

MR Cenz @mrcenzone

Haurel @red_haurel


Sim0ne @Sim0ne

Eleanor @eleanor.ldn

Amy Willow @amywillowdj

Modolo @bearmaid

The women we journey alongside are unique and have all led different lives. What unites the women we support, the staff and volunteers of Beyond the Streets, our amazing supporters, and women globally, is fortitude and resilience.

No-one knows your story as well as you, and no one has shared your past in full, but not everyone gets the chance to tell their stories with close friends and family due to stigma and fear of judgement.

For women who sell sex, and for those who have suffered childhood trauma or other challenges, the result of confiding in someone close to you can mean judgement, isolation, alienation, or relationship breakdown.

The fear of stigma that women who sell sex can carry often leads to hesitation in asking for help or support. At Beyond the Streets, we work to offer all who identify as women (who are selling or have sold sex) a compassionate, non-judgmental listening space, whether that is on street outreach, at one of our drop-ins, via our daytime support service, or via our remote telephone call back service.

In this composite story, we’re using the placeholder name: April.

Shortly after April contacted us, she shared that she was struggling with mental health difficulties and processing trauma. She had been experiencing domestic abuse, and said she was stressed due to her lack of income.

She told us she considered returning to selling sex even though she didn’t want too and was seeking counselling support. April’s Women’s Support Worker was able to secure her free counselling as part of our Beyond Support service. She helped her access Universal Credit to remove her money worries, so she could focus on reaching her identified future goals.

April was also able to maintain zero contact with the perpetrator of  the abuse she had previously suffered, who up until this point had remained in her life. April has since applied for, and successfully secured a new job. She said that she never thought she’d be looking forward to a 9-5 and having work colleagues, but she is!

April has shared with us that ‘You never gave up on me and often you were the only support keeping me afloat – I feel like I’m a new person and I’m finally excited about my future.

Here are some facts:

– This group of women (women who are/have been involved in the sale of sex) are first and foremost people, like everyone buying tickets to our event, but can become marginalised by their communities, while also being the most at risk in society of violent crime and homicide.

– A significant number of the women we journey alongside are living with trauma as a result of childhood adverse experiences, from being in the care and criminal justice systems, to coercion, violence, and domestic abuse. This is important to be aware of and speaks to the need for trauma-informed support for women.

– Women who we are supporting tell us that they’re finding exiting selling sex harder, and fear being pushed into selling sex more frequently, or are struggling to maintain an exit already hard won. This is due to several factors, including the rise in the cost of living

– There’s long been a need to address service sector gaps in supporting women selling sex. A 2017 report found that only 19 out of 173 areas in England and Wales had services for women that addressed all of the following: substance misuse, mental health, homelessness, offending, and complex needs; with isolation compacting regional inconsistencies leaving them out of reach of traditional face-to-face services. (AVA – Mapping the Maze report 2017)

– Women face barriers to support due to a lack of flexibility in support services available, as well as issues with a gaps in support services’ knowledge about the impact of trauma; a lack of support for wider issues that affect women (like housing), and a lack of ongoing support and aftercare.


We provide the bridge between women who seek support and key service providers, helping to amplify women’s voices through advocacy to maintain these relationships until their needs are met. Our work also prevents women re-living trauma through repeating their stories to multiple agencies.

Exit from sexual exploitation when this is what a woman has chosen for her life is estimated to take between 2-10 years, and progress is not linear, it involves multiple attempts, and barriers which are exasperated by economic and social structures.

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Jun 15 2023


5:30 pm - 10:30 pm



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