Training during 2021

Mar 10, 2021

One of Beyond the Streets’ key values is of learning: we’re a learning organisation, positively embracing learning, change and development. We embrace new theories, models and ideas on how to partner with women facing sexual exploitation. We also have a deep commitment to collaboration with other individuals and organisations working within the women’s sector. It’s important to share what we have learned, having been journeying alongside women for over 20 years now, working together to better empower and support women in challenging situations. So we’re very happy to announce a new suite of training that we’re delivering from this spring, to help strengthen our sector and provide vital skills. Our training is led by specialist frontline practitioners, with experience of the national and policy context, and is supported by our priority of learning from women with lived experience.

For those who are starting to think about the issues – whether from a professional or personal perspective – we have our free Level 1 training, which is ‘An Introduction to Working Alongside Women in the Sex Industry’. This is an online training which consists of a pre-recorded webinar, then a live and interactive Q&A session, and considers fundamental issues for those wishing to engage from a woman-centred perspective. It’s a good place to start in terms of understanding the issues.

For new professionals, or those already working alongside women, our Level 2 training explores models and tools for supporting women who are involved in selling sex. ‘Alongside? Exploring tools to support women in the sex industry’ allows a small group of professionals to explore issues such as ‘rescue’ and empowerment, motivational interviewing techniques including Cycle of Change, DARNC and OARS models, and provides a chance for role-play practice in a supportive environment.

Going deeper into understanding the effects of trauma on the body, our Level 3 training considers self-care for direct frontline staff working alongside women, with the aim of practical application and increasing sustainability. ‘Stress and the impact of the body when working with trauma: Exploring self-care strategies to build resilience’ is a two-session training, allowing participants to explore trauma-informed practice, resilience, the relationship between the body, stress and trauma in a small group with opportunities for sharing and learning together.

We also are collaborating with the London Borough of Tower Hamlets (LBTH), offering training for Tower Hamlets professionals to explore why LBTH view prostitution as a form of violence against women and girls (VAWG). The training also looks at barriers to support, risk, and options available to women including referral pathways.

We’re thrilled to be sharing and exploring through this training, to help the sector be stronger, more resilient, more proactive as well as sensitive to the needs of women they are working to support.

For all forthcoming Beyond the Streets training dates and booking information, please see our Eventbrite page
For LBTH training, please see their website.