We’re saying no this NOvember.

Nov 04, 2016

Our vision is to see a world free from sexual exploitation. Alongside our direct work with women, we are working to change the context of the world we live in – challenging stigma and raising awareness of the wider issue of sexual exploitation. The NOvember Campaign is an opportunity to join in saying NO to sexual exploitation by saying no to something for the month of November, and donating the money saved. The campaign also provides opportunities for people to share about their passion in this area, especially as we remember the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women on November 25th.
Recently, we’ve been inspired by the words of Elaine Storkey, who reminded us “The extent of violence against women cannot be underestimated, nor can its consequences. The impact ripples through every area of society; it affects women, children, families, neighbourhoods, men, lawmakers, law enforcers, health providers and so many of our social institutions. It does indeed leave scars on the face of humanity”. 
bts_november_flyer_v4-1-page-001We begin this November painfully aware of the pandemic of violence against women, but equally more determined than ever to speak out against it. The NOvember Campaign gives voice to this, gathering the voices of our supporters and friends to say a united no to sexual exploitation and violence against women. Would you consider making a gift to Beyond the Streets to support our work providing routes out for women this NOvember campaign? You can contribute to the campaign here.
You can also get involved by making some noise on social media, we’ve uploaded a social media action card to our website, print the poster and post a picture to let your followers know that you say no! Remember to use the #NOvemberCampaign hashtag!
We leave you with the wise words of Martin Luther King, Jr “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter”. Don’t be silent, say no with us.
This NOvember Campaign, Beyond the Streets are hoping to raise £5000.00 to contribute to our work providing routes out of exploitation for women. You can help us reach our target by making a gift here.