The resilience of women facing multiple disadvantages

Sep 29, 2020

At our Door of Hope project, we know the women we work with are amazingly resilient.  Looking at the situations they’re facing shows the multiple disadvantages they experience. We’ve put some of this information into an infographic, to highlight the kinds of difficulties encountered by women and the journey we take alongside them towards a new future.

A bit about the data: When women reach out for us for support, we like to carry out a Strengths and Needs Assessment. This woman-centred assessment is designed to help each woman identify what goals she would like to work towards and what support she would like from us.  It ensures that she is setting the agenda and provides our Women’s Support Workers with a holistic picture of her unique situation. Occasionally these assessments are completed in one sitting but more often than not they are completed over several meetings. In a number of situations, where safety and/or meeting basic needs such as food and accommodation are the priority, these assessments are postponed. They can be completed when the women feels that she is able to feel more engaged and focused on the assessment/content. Between October 2017 and May 2020, 27 women completed a Strengths and Needs Assessment.