Our Manifesto

Oct 02, 2018

Designed to educate, agitate, organise. This is so much more than what we do – it’s the way that we do it, the ambition we do it with – our hope for women globally.  We proudly share it with you today:

We see the possibility of life Beyond sexual exploitation.
We work tirelessly to stop the abuse.
We work to see woman safe from coercion, violence and exploitation.
We see women’s lives limited by the labels placed upon them – Prostitute. Sex Worker. Client. Case. We work with her to write a different story. We see a woman. A daughter. A friend. A family member.
We want to see women not defined by their past but energised by their future.
Our work maps out possibilities with her and joins her on her journey as she walks towards the goals she sets.
We champion belief in change and a better future.
We celebrate women overcoming adversity and overcoming the barriers which would hold them back.
We recognise that we cannot do this alone.
We know that sexual exploitation happens in every community and so it takes the involvement of entire communities to tackle it together.
We work with others, hosting a national network of affiliated projects who share our commitment to the cause.
We know we are stronger together.
We want to ensure her story is heard.
We recognise her as the expert of her own experience and we make space in a noisy arena for her experience to be heard.
She knows she is not alone or misrepresented.
We know that those most in need don’t get the treatment they deserve.
We work with those on the frontline – Police, Social Workers, Health Professionals – to improve women’s experience of seeking support.
We think every woman deserves to be met with a compassionate response.
We know that the injustice we respond to is not isolated, but part of a much bigger picture –a local expression of the global injustice of violence against women that preys on the vulnerability of women in every community.
We will not stop fighting against sexual exploitation. We fight on, until every individual is free to thrive, free from sexual exploitation. 

Moved by our manifesto? Two ways you can join our movement:
You’ll have hear about our work challenging the historic Ripper narrative. Earlier this year, a postcard which is believed to have been sent to the police by the unidentified murderer of five women in East London dubbed ‘Jack the Ripper’ was sold earlier this year for £22,000. This seems an injustice while women’s charities like ours struggle to stay afloat. Join us as we launch our campaign to raise the same amount, £22,000 to enable women to access support services like ours. Surely the public are willing to invest as much into providing support for women who are sexually exploited as we are in maintaining the legacy of a serial killer?
1 >>> Having heard about our vital work through our manifesto – we invite you to make a gift of £2.20, £22 or £220 to see our work supporting women thrive. Make a gift towards our crowdfunder here.
2 >>> Alternatively, mark this milestone with us by joining in the #NOvemberCampaign – Join a community of our supporters saying no to something they love to save money or raise sponsorship for our work saying no to Sexual Exploitation.