Domestic Homicide Reviews: NEW Expert Input Offer

May 22, 2024

At Beyond the Streets we are acutely aware of the high number of homicides of women who sell and/or exchange sex.

In 2023, we published the first ever analysis of involvement in the sex industry amongst English Domestic Homicide Reviews (DHRs).

Our experience as an expert panel member on a number of DHRs over recent years has further highlighted a lack of confidence amongst DHR panels around how to approach an individual’s involvement in the sex industry.

So as part of our commitment to ensuring that learning from Domestic Homicide Reviews (DHRs) concerning those involved in the sex industry brings about real change, today we are launching a new offer for DHR Chairs and Panel Members designed to equip them with the insights and skills to fully consider the intersectionality of an individual’s experience and the barriers they may have encountered in accessing support.

Find out more about the expert support we can provide to you as a DHR Chair or panel.