Domestic Homicide Reviews through a Sex Industry Lens

Jan 19, 2023

Beyond the Streets launches a new report examining English domestic homicide reviews concerning individuals involved in the sex industry 

We are sharing an important resource involving an analysis of English Domestic Homicide Reviews concerning individuals involved in the sex industry published on 25th January 2023.

As an organisation with over 20 years’ experience of partnering with women in the sex industry, we are acutely aware of the high numbers of women who sell sex. Therefore, we developed this report to investigate the prevalence of involvement in the sex industry amongst publicly available domestic homicide reviews (DHRs). Drawing on data from 23 DHRs across England, this resource explores the commonalities in the lived experiences of the individuals involved in the sex industry within DHRs and examines agency responses to these individuals in order to share the learning emerging from these reviews more widely. 

We hope that this report will encourage you to consider the complex and intersecting challenges faced by those involved in the sex industry and how support services and agencies can better recognise and respond to these.

We also hope that this report will encourage any professionals to consider what language they use in this field and the impact this language can have on the way we think about the sex industry and the individuals who are involved within it.

We have set out a series of recommendations for services within the report which we hope will be useful and will have an impact on future policy and practice in working with people involved in the sex industry. 

A learning package to support professionals to apply the learning from this report to their daily practice is currently under development. To receive notification of when this learning package goes live, please email us at