The best Christmas card

Mar 01, 2011

Even though it is February, I still have a Christmas card above my desk. It says ‘Thank you for the things you made happen and the doors you opened for me, I remain forever grateful’. This card wasn’t signed, however I knew who it was from because we had supported this woman to leave a violent man who was pimping her. It means a great deal; it means he hasn’t found her and that she is safe.
When this woman rang us she said that she had contacted a number of organisations and no one seemed to be able to help her to leave her situation; somehow she seemed to fall between the gaps of many organisations’ criteria. We were able to help her get to a safe place in another city, and to get access to the services she needed—all over the phone. She has done the rest and we haven’t heard from her until she sent this Christmas card.
Often in our work we are not able to tell stories about complete change that people would like to hear. But we are able to support women in prostitution in their journey and point of crisis. The Christmas card will remain above my desk all year round to remind me of the beauty of working together and the power of a phone call.