What Do We Take With Us on Outreach?

Jul 28, 2023

When we go out too meet women on-street, our outreach volunteers and staff bring backpacks with them. This is so that, alongside raising awareness of available survives, we can distribute useful items to women, and ultimately let women know that they’re not alone.

So, what’s in our outreach backpacks?

Pot noodles/instant porridge (something warm to eat)
Referral forms, our drop-in times and contact details
Sexual health packs (condoms etc.)
Chocolate / biscuits (no explanation needed!)
Harm reduction kits
Naxolone (an antidote to opioid overdose)
Flasks to serve hot drinks, and paper cups
We also provide period products, and personal hygiene items
❄️ In the winter we bring warm hats/gloves

More info on Naxolone https://www.changegrowlive.org/advice-info/alcohol-drugs/naloxone-overdose-reversal-drug