Little Echoes at The Hope Theatre, a production exploring women’s exploitation.

Jan 08, 2019

Beyond the Streets are delighted to partner with Pentire Street Productions,  the theatre company behind ‘Little Echoes’ to put a spotlight on sexual exploitation. Little Echoes is focused around three monologue performances, a key element of the work revolves around a teenage girl who is sexually exploited by a man she trusts. It is our hope that the Little Echoes helps the thousands of people that will watch it to connect with the lived experiences of many women who experience sexual exploitation in our city. As well, as raising much needed awareness of sexual exploitation, Pentire Street Productions are hoping to raise funds to support our work which supports women on their journey out of prostitution. You can give towards their fundraising campaign here.  This will help them stage the play and if their campaign is successful, 50% of the funds they raise will be donated directly to Beyond the Streets
Pentire Streets Productions, ‘Little Echoes’
“He looked the same as anyone else. Any of the other ones who come in. White boys. So I didn’t clock anything different, cos there wasn’t anything different. How was I meant to know?”
Shajenthran’s brother has had acid thrown in his face and Shaj is out for revenge. Danielle’s teenage crush on a pop idol develops into an illicit
relationship, ‘professional mentoring’ becoming something much darker. June has spent twenty years serving the private needs of the super wealthy, but her new assignments confront her with the questions she’s spent a lifetime running from.
When their paths cross it is not something any of them will forget. Filled with love, coercion, loneliness and obsession, Little Echoes takes you through the city as you’ve never seen it before. A city of deep shadows, darker intentions, and where anything can change in the night…
Written by Tom Powell, winner of the OTR National Radio Drama Award, Footlights’ Harry Porter Prize, and directed by Stephen Bailey (European Theatre Convention Scholar 2018), Little Echoes is a searing new play that articulates the anxieties of contemporary living through a kaleidoscopic tale of grief and loss.
Little Echoes will premiere at the Hope Theatre  in February 2019, you can support the production by booking a ticket today.