Nov 30, 2021

The season of giving is almost upon us and here at Beyond the Streets we are reflecting on generosity and the act of givingWhy do we give? We give because we have abundance: we have more than we need. Though many people have been experiencing great difficulty during the pandemic, many of us have also recognised just how much we do have. And it’s not just financial abundance – we have resources of time, and of energy too. Many of us have warm houses and restful beds which mean that we are able to resource ourselves and then give in the world. We also are abundant in choice – we have options, we have agency, we have support systems. 
We give because we know love. The experience of love opens us up to generosity. Sometimes it’s hard to remember this in the midst of our busy days. The season of giving allows us to remember. Knowing we are loved and valued allows us to share that with others. Whether we are a person of faith or not, we connect as humans with shared values of love, kindness and compassion. Giving allows us to remember that we are all inextricably linked together. No matter what our circumstances are, or what we believe, we live in a connected world. 
The women we support often don’t know that they are loved. They’ve experienced violence, mistrust, stigma and judgement. They are dealing with trauma. They don’t have resources or support systems or much choice at allBut this can change. At Beyond the Streets, we are all about empowerment. It’s not a case of pitying someone who doesn’t have something. It’s about seeing our common humanity, seeing our common desire to live a happy and fulfilling life and working together – alongside each other  to raise everyone up. We know the women we support are strong, courageous and resilient. So we give on this basis. Alongside. Knowing that given the right support she can take steps into greater freedom, happiness and choice in her life – living the kind of life she wants to live. 
How will you give, this season? Below are some opportunities that you can take – big and small – to help women directly:

Give a regular or one-off donation to support our work with women

Organise a fundraiser to join together with your friends and family to raise funds

Leave a gift in your will to make a positive impact in the world long into the future

Offer your time and skills by volunteering with us

Text STREETS to 70460 to give £3 (Texts will cost the donation amount plus one standard network rate message)