Beyond the Streets statement on OnlyFans

Aug 20, 2021

Beyond the Streets responds to the news that OnlyFans will be prohibiting sexually explicit material on their site 
We welcome a zero tolerance approach to footage of child sexual abuse and other illegal content, born of grooming, trafficking and sexual exploitation.  
We are aware that there will be a significant impact on women selling sex and recognise the financial hardship this will create for women who have relied on OnlyFans for an income. 
Beyond the Streets provides a non-judgmental space for women involved in the sex industry to discuss their options and the next steps they would like to takein the light of this news. We are here to listen, and to stand alongside women to provide support. We can help with safety planning, can support access to benefits and housing, and are a confidential service for all women selling sex.  
To access our callback service Beyond Support please call 0800 133 7870 to leave a message or email and one of our Women’s Support Workers will be in touch to arrange a conversation. You can also access more information on our website at