A visit from the BBC

Sep 18, 2018

At the end of August, we had a visit from the BBC. They wanted to know about the violence that women on the streets faced and what is being done to tackle both the violence and raise awareness of the issues faced. We invited them on one of our monthly walking tours to hear about the lives of women 130 years ago and the similarities today. You can see the short video here:

But why do we do this?
Our hope? That by learning the past, we can better support women experiencing sexual exploitation in the present. Earlier this year a postcard allegedly sent from Jack the Ripper to the Police was sold at auction for £22,000. Join us as we launch our campaign to raise £22,000 to enable women to access support services like ours. Are we willing to invest as much into providing support for women who are sexually exploited as we are in maintaining the legacy of a serial killer?
Support services for women, not serial killers – make a secure gift online today here