Resources for practitioners working with women involved in prostitution

Beyond the Streets has a range of resources for practitioners working with women involved in prostitution. We also provide training for professionals, volunteers and those working in this field.

Beyond the Streets also facilitates a national network of outreach projects who work with women exploited through prostitution. Your project could benefit from joining our affiliate network, enjoying these benefits:
  • Become part of a bigger vision; a national movement that is working to end sexual exploitation
  • Reduced Isolation that so many practitioners face
  • Increased learning for projects, with a focus on good practice and safety
  • Shared resources

What are affiliates say about our network.

“Great Content, Research, and help with plans to move ahead”

“Great sharing where other projects are on their journey and how exciting it is to see others moving forward to do it”

Be equipped by our resources.

Beyond the Streets develop resources to equip practitioners and projects working with women involved in prostitution. You can browse our full catalogue of resources, including our Good Practice Guide here. 

We recommend reading our latest resource, “We need all the ladders we can get”. The resource is designed to facilitate exploration of how individuals leave prostitution and uses the game of snakes and ladders to do this. The resource can be used by support organisations working with those involved in prostitution; it can be used by individuals who themselves are seeking to leave prostitution and want to share understandings of the challenges faced and the sources of support that have been beneficial; and it can be used as an educational or training tool with volunteers, service delivery staff or students seeking to gain a deeper understanding of the process of exiting prostitution. Find out more about this resource and download your copy.

Be resourced by Beyond Support.

Beyond Support is a free nationwide call-back support service for women in the sex industry who are looking for change. This is a unique service for women who need specialist support, we are here to complement your service by working with women on the phone or by email to offer:

  • A listening ear and understanding.
  • Information – relevant information on what’s out there to help women plan for the future.
  • Action – to let callers consider and choose for themselves what they want to do or what they want to happen next.
  • Referral – information about local support services. We are continually developing access to information across the UK.
  • We give women a safe place to seek support and to explore their options for change.

For more information, or to make a referral visit the Beyond Support dedicated website.