HER STORIES: An art exhibition and auction for women.

Her Stories is an art auction of works by contemporary female artists to raise money for three UK-registered charities that provide services for some of the most vulnerable women in London and across the UK; Beyond the Streets, Solace Women’s Aid and Young Women’s Trust.

Beyond the Streets are delighted to partner with Her Stories in this celebration of female creativity- art created by women, sold to support women.

Josephine Knowles, Director of Beyond the Streets said:

“Beyond the Streets supports women are drawn into prostitution as a result of complex vulnerabilities and as a last resort response to insurmountable struggles. Our work is a crucial first step in helping those women to find freedom from the issues that they face. The support via Her Stories will help us to build a better tomorrow for women.”

We would love you to support Beyond the Streets by joining us to enjoy the exhibition:

Wednesday 22nd November – Launch & Private View – 6:30pm until 10:30pm. Register to attend the Private View via Billetto here.

Thursday 23rd November – Private Dinner and Auction –  7pm until 11pm. Purchase tickets to the Dinner via Billetto here.

Friday 24th November 12:30pm until Sunday 26th November 4:30pm – Public Exhibition. 

The Exhibition, dinner and auction will be held at Protein Studios, 31 New Inn Yard, EC2A 3EY.

A Hidden History of Women in the East End: The Alternative Jack the Ripper Tour.

Join us to hear the untold story of Jack the Ripper’s victims. In this hidden history tour  we celebrate the strength of women led to sell sex for survival, not a serial killer. 
Visiting the streets where the women lived, we will explore what we know about their lives and commemorate their deaths. Alongside the historic, you’ll hear the stories of women still affected by sexual exploitation in the area today and how you can take action on these issues.


Thursday 25th January 2018

Thursday 22nd February 2018

Thursday 22nd March 2018

  • Tours depart from St Botolph without Aldgate at 6.30pm & 8.30pm.
  • Tour tickets cost £8 for adults, £5 for students, 65+ and those receiving income support. Advanced booking essential.

Beyond the Streets began hosting these tours as part of our #NOvemberCampaign- a month long fund and awareness raising campaign that says NO to sexual exploitation. Say no to sexual exploitation by making a gift towards the campaign today. All funds raised from these tours and the #NovemberCampaign support our Door of Hope project, which offers routes out of sexual exploitation for women in East London.


Prostitution and Trafficking Awareness Day

An interactive Awareness day exploring the issues around prostitution and trafficking of women in the UK.
This day is for you if you want explore the concepts surround sexual exploitation and how to respond effectively in our communities.

  • Beyond Prostitution: An introduction and overview of the concepts and frameworks surrounding prostitution and trafficking.
  • Beyond the Label: Challenging the stigma surrounding sexual exploitation by undertsnading women’s realities, in this sessesion we explore the process of prostitution – turning established assumptions on their head.
  • Beyond the Limits: Considering appraoches to supporting women to find routes out- what works best? Rescue vs. Empowerment.
  • Beyond the Streets: Exploring the work of Beyond the Streets and affiliated projects to understand our national approach to tackling sexual exploitation and your part to play in the solution.
  • This day is lead by Beyond the Streets Co-Director Josephine Knowles, hosted by a London based affiliate project and features input from project leaders engaging in this area.
  • Book your ticket today.

  • What past attendees have set about the Awareness Day:

    “A critical, conceptual and practical training tackling issues head on”

    “Thank you so much for a fantastic day. I really appreciate the passion and expertise which you have shared around this challenging subject and work”

    “Beyond the Streets Awareness Day challenged my perceptions of prostitution and trafficking and equipped me with the ideas of how to engage with issues more”


Personal Safety Training

Personal Safety Training for those who conduct outreach activities or daytime support with women involved in prostitution.

This training will equip you to increase the safety of staff and volunteers, as well as the women we work with.

Learning outcomes of the day:

  • Identify and mitigate risks you may encounter at work
  • Identify and implement your own plan for personal safety
  • Feel confident to manage your personal safety at work
  • Identify strategies for managing conflict and exiting situation

This training is supplied by the Suzy Lamplugh Trust. Hosted by Danielle, the training team leader at Suzy Lamplugh Trust. Over the past two years Danielle has worked with a variety of organisations from local councils to charities to provide personal safety training and consultancy around policies and procedures.

  • Wednesday 7th June 2017
  • 11.00am-16.30pm
  • Stewardship 1 Lamb’s Passage
    EC1Y 8AB
  • £15 for affiliates, £40 non-affiliate rate. (Contact us for discount code for affiliates)
  • See the Eventbrite page to find out more, or to book you place.

Safeguarding with Women in Prostitution

Safeguarding training for projects, specifically focusing on the role and responsibility of the Safeguarding Coordinator and elements directly affecting projects working with women in prostitution.

  • Wednesday 10th May 2017
  • 11:30am – 4:30pm
  • Stewardship, 1 Lamb’s Passage, London, EC1Y 8A
  • £30 for affiliates, £60 non-affiliate rate. (Contact us for discount code for affiliates)
  • See the Eventbrite page to find out more, or to book you place.

The Gathering 2017

As we gather to imagine a world where women are free from sexual exploitation, what would it look like for you in your communities for women to thrive and how can we work collaboratively to make this happen?

Beyond the Streets is hosting a gathering for those working with women exploited through prostitution.

The aim of the Gathering is to provide space to wrestle with the issues that women face; the challenges for those who work with them and to look at how we can be more effective in seeing women exit prostitution and find freedom to follow their dreams. We want to look at how we can work and learn together as we bring a rich mix of experience from towns and cities across the UK. We will be joined by Dr Elaine Storkey who will provide input and journey with us over the weekend.


17th-19th March 2017


Hothorpe Hall, Leicestershire

Further information

For further information and to book, please download the The Gathering 2017 booking form.  Questions? Please feel free to email the Beyond the Streets office or call 0300 3021122.

In her shoes : learning from the stories of women with Beyond the Streets.


As part of our annual NOvember Campaign, on the eve of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, we are hosting a night of truths, inspiration and action, learning from the journeys of women exploited in East London, the UK and Beyond. If you’re local to London you’d be very welcome to join us. RSVP here.


Establishing a project; good practice for new teams

or new and establishing projects, working towards affiliating with Beyond the Streets.

  • Monday 20th June
  • 11:00am – 3:00pm
  • Nona Bell, 286 Burgess Road, Southampton, SO16 3BE
  • £26 (£12 for extras from the same project)
  • Maximum 3 from each project.

Safeguarding with Women in Prostitution

Safeguarding training for projects, specifically focusing on the role and responsibility of the Safeguarding Coordinator and elements directly affecting projects working with women in prostitution.

  • Wednesday 25th May 2016
  • 11:30am – 5:00pm
  • Stewardship, 1 Lamb’s Passage, London, EC1Y 8AB
  • Up to 2 tickets per project
  • £26 for affiliate, £45 non-affiliate rate.                                                  (Contact us for discount code for affiliates)

See the Eventbrite page to find out more, or to book you place.

Off Street Learning Day

Gathering Beyond the Streets affiliates and practitioners engaging with women in Off Street/ Indoor contexts.

  • Wednesday 16th March 2016
  • 11:15am – 5:00pm
  • Stewardship, 1 Lamb’s Passage, London, EC1Y 8AB
  • COST: £15 for affiliated projects, £40 for non–affiliated projects.                        (If you are unsure please contact the office)

The aim of the day is to:
1) Explore a Chaplaincy model and what that means to women we work with
2) Share our stories – hearing from practitioners from all over the UK who are doing this work
3) Develop a shared good practice– (producing a ‘Top Tip’ document and looking at Risk Assessments for outreach)
4) Understand the complexity of the NRM & the reality of getting support for women affected by trafficking

Check out the Eventbrite page for more info, or to book your place!

Credits- Gercama 2015_BtS-83 (1)