The Gathering 2017

As we gather to imagine a world where women are free from sexual exploitation, what would it look like for you in your communities for women to thrive and how can we work collaboratively to make this happen?

Beyond the Streets is hosting a gathering for those working with women exploited through prostitution.

The aim of the Gathering is to provide space to wrestle with the issues that women face; the challenges for those who work with them and to look at how we can be more effective in seeing women exit prostitution and find freedom to follow their dreams. We want to look at how we can work and learn together as we bring a rich mix of experience from towns and cities across the UK. We will be joined by Dr Elaine Storkey who will provide input and journey with us over the weekend.


17th-19th March 2017


Hothorpe Hall, Leicestershire

Further information

For further information and to book, please download the The Gathering 2017 booking form.  Questions? Please feel free to email the Beyond the Streets office or call 0300 3021122.

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